Celcom Training Academy
Module 1: Java Fundamental and Programming Concepts
  1. Introduction to Java
  2. Key Features
  3. Types of Java Applications
  4. Overall Architecture of JVM with JIT and JRE
  5. Installation of Java
  6. Command and Tools (javac, java)
  7. IDE (Eclipse/Netbeans).
  8. Programming Syntax and Rules
  9. Keywords and Statements, Identifier, Literals
  10. Data Types (Primitive & Non-premitive)
  11. Variable (Local, Static, Global)
  12. Type Casting (Wider & Narrow)
  13. Operators (Arithmetic, Logical, Relational)
  14. Conditional Statement (If-else, Switch-case)
  15. Loops (For, While, Do-While)
  16. Continue & Break Statement
  17. User Defined Functions (Return, Non-return type, Parameterize).
Module 2: Object Oriented Programming and Package
  1. Advantages of OOPS
  2. Class and Objects
  3. Constructor, Constructor Overloading
  4. Inheritance
  5. interface
  6. Aggregation
  7. Access Modifier (Public, Private, Protected
  8. Polymorphism
  9. Encapsulation
  10. Abstraction
  11. Overloading and Overriding
  12. Use of this and super keywords
  13. Dynamic Binding
  14. Boxing and Un-boxing
  15. Garbage Collection and Finalize
  16. Concept and Advantages of Package
  17. System Packages (lang, util, awt
  18. Creating Package and Sub-packages
  19. Import Package
Module 3: String Handling, Regular Expression and Wrapper class
  1. String Class
  2. Mutable and Immutable String
  3. StringBuffer and StringBuilder Class
  4. String Manipulation
  5. Predefined String Functions
  6. StringTokenizer Class
  7. Java Regular Expression- Regex Class
  8. Matcher class
  9. Pattern class
  10. Wrapper Class
  11. Usage of Wrapper Class-Integer, Float, Double
  12. Predefined Functions of Each Wrapper Class
Module 4: Array, Enumeration and Collections
  1. Array Declaration
  2. Single Dimension and Multi Dimension Array
  3. Array element sorting and Searching
  4. Manipulating Array by predefined Array functions
  5. Array pass by reference
  6. Array of Objects
  7. Concept of Data Structure and Collection Framework
  8. Collection Interfaces- List, Queue, Set
  9. Iteration and Enumeration
  10. Collection Mapping
  11. Generic Collections.
Module 5: I/O Stream and File Handling

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  1. Stream- Byte Stream and Character Stream
  2. Standard Stream
  3. Basic Console Input and Output
  4. File Stream
  5. File Reader and Writer
  6. File Operation- File Write, read, copy, File content search
Module 6: Thread and Exception Handling

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  1. Concept of Threading and Multi-threading
  2. Thread vs. Process
  3. Thread Life-cycle and states
  4. Thread Declaration- Extend Threads and Implements Runnable
  5. Thread Functions- run(), start()
  6. Inter-thread Communication-join(), sleep(), wait(), notify()
  7. Thread Synchronization and Deadlock
  8. Types of Errors
  9. Checked and Unchecked Exception
  10. Example of Pre-defined Exception
  11. Throw vs. Throws
  12. Try-Catch-Finally Block
  13. Custom Exception.

The course for Core Advance java training in CTA will be completed in 3 months.you will be well-equipped with the industry standards and the latest techniques used.A certificate examination will be conducted at the end of the course to test your understanding of the subject.

Celcom Training Academy