Celcom Training Academy
HR Statutory Compliance
Module 1: Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Disability Services
  1. Gender and Gender Identity
  2. Race Equality
  3. Disability Equality
  4. Religion, Belief and Non-Belief
  5. Sexual Orientation
  6. Age
Module 2: Financial Services and Procurement
  1. Accountability and Audit - Risk Management and Value for Money
  2. Financial Regulations
  3. Software
  4. Procurement Regulations
Module 3: Employee Development
  1. Performance Management and Employee Development
  2. Performance Management Skills
Module 3: Employment Matters
  1. Recruitment and Selection
  2. Managing Sickness Absence
  3. Fixed Term Contracts and Handling Redundancies
  4. Stress
  5. Management
  6. Grievance(Awareness)
  7. Using Capability and Conduct Procedures effectively Using Capability and Conduct Procedures effectively
Module 4: Information Management
  1. Data Protection & Freedom of Information, Environmental Information
  2. Records Management
  3. Copyright
Module 5: Research Organisation and Governance
  1. Research SupportCosting/Pricing
  2. Research SupportResearch Grant Life Cycle
  3. Research
  4. SupportContract
  5. Requirements(Practical)
  6. Ethical Research
  7. Conduct

The Course for HR Statutory Compliance Training in CTA will be completed in 1 month. You will be well-equipped with the industry standards and the latest techniques used. A Certificate examination will be conducted at the end of the course to test your understanding of the subject.

Celcom Training Academy